Avoid Domain Pain

Avoid Domain Pain


It seems quite common that when an individual registers their small business, they may receive correspondence urging them to protect their domain name. 

I can’t say it more clearly than this – this type of correspondence is by individual domain providers who are competing against other domain providers for your business.  Their correspondence is slick and looks very official.

This may be all ok – however the price of what they are charging you can be 5-10 times more than what you need to pay.
What is important to realise is this:

  1. Yes, you should absolutely purchase your domain name so it is protected
  2. There are dozens of domain providers you can do this from
  3. You should shop around and compare prices before purchasing through any one domain provider


How does your domain connect with your website?

There are a number of ways in which you can purchase your domain for your website. Firstly, you can purchase your domain separately and when you decide to create your website you can connect this domain to your website.  This means you will need to connect your third party domain to your website. 

Another way is when you are developing your website, you often have the option of purchasing the domain within the web host. For example, if you are creating a Shopify store you can also purchase your domain at this time.  Shopify doesn’t allow for country extensions so the most obvious option here would be yourname.com


What if I want a country extension?

Country extensions are added onto your domain name to indicate to your visitors where you are. For example, www.yourname.com.au or www.yourname.com.uk etc…If you are keen for a country extension, then you will need to purchase this from a third party domain provider.  Then, when you developing your website, you also purchase the ‘.com’ domain.  You can then set up your website to redirect from ‘.com’ to ‘.com.au’. 


Don't rush it

To wrap up a complicated topic, please don’t rush out and buy a domain from the first provider who contacts you.  Our advice costs nothing so if you want another opinion, get in touch and we would be happy to help.